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Lighthouse Commodities is excited to deliver professional accounting to our clients and help them obtain, understand and use accurate financial data. Better data means better results when it comes to marketing and other key management decisions. Lighthouse has partnered with AgriSolutions on this opportunity, a company that for over 50 years has helped producers gather and use accurate financial data.

“Farms that thrive in current conditions operate professionally across all aspects of their business.  We’re excited to incorporate professional accounting alongside professional merchandising and allow our clients to make timely, fully informed management decisions without distracting from production.” 

- Dave Spickler, President, Lighthouse Commodities

Professional farm accounting plans:


Full Service 

We operate as your accountant, including preparing budgets, managing and paying bills, preparing and processing payroll, preparing monthly accrual financial statements and reviewing them with you.


Reporting Service

You manage day to day accounting activities including paying bills, processing payroll, etc. We then enter data after the fact to prepare reconciled, accrual financial reports. We send you detailed reports each month, perform quarterly reviews, maintain your balance sheet, and prepare and monitor an annual budget. 


You manage and pay your bills, along with payroll and invoices. You prepare your balance sheet and ensure your financial are reconciled and up-to date. Training, assistance and technical support is available with this option. 

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