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Professional Merchandising

You don’t just farm, you manage a large business, plant thousands of acres, harvest high volumes, utilize substantial storage facilities and operate on thin margins and tight deadlines; all while being responsible for timely and accurate decisions across every area of your farm. At Lighthouse our professional merchandising service is designed with those demands in mind.

Successful marketing means doing three things really well: 

1. Knowing cost of production and profitability goals.

2. Establishing a marketing plan and executing hedges to protect those goals.

3. Merchandising cash grain correctly to maximize carry and access best cash markets.

 The Lighthouse Process:



  • Lighthouse works with you to determine cost of production numbers for your farm: 

    • ​Our risk management software allows for easy uploading, updating and viewing. 

  • We input your cost of production numbers and all trades into our risk management software:

    • All hedge positions, cash contracts, contract balances, scale tickets and settlements are viewable on our app.

  • You have a real-time view of positions, hedge coverages and farm profitability online and on our app:

    • Plus our annual Benchmarking Report compares your marketing results to the Top and Bottom 20% of Lighthouse clients and to average prices for all farmers.


  • Your marketing plan is built on profitability and probability, not emotion and reaction:  

    • Our analytics team incorporates a variety of factors into long-term fundamental price outlook models. We update that analysis every week and share it in video commentary. 

    • We then combine it with our proprietary HedgeBeacon Signals to identify optimal marketing times. 

    • Finally, we fit it with your profitability goals to build, update and execute your marketing plan.

  • Futures and options trades are done directly with Lighthouse:

    • Our farm merchandisers are also introducing brokers through Lighthouse Hedging.

  • Cash contracts are also done through Lighthouse:

    • This removes margin call stress and retains your ability to market cash grain whenever and wherever.

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Professional Merchandising

  • Lastly, we professionally merchandise your cash grain to capture maximum basis and carry. This can mean substantial additional value regardless of underlying futures prices.

  • We have trading relationships with a vast network of commercial and noncommercial destinations allowing us to access best cash markets for your grain. 

  • Lighthouse Logistics arranges shipment of your grain to the best market regardless of how far away. 

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At Lighthouse we get paid the same way you do, based off how much you grow and how much you get for it.  No upfront, per bushel or per acre fees – keeping our interests aligned throughout the entire process.