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Since 2015, Lighthouse Logistics has shipped over 65 million bushels of farmer grain to hundreds of destinations across several states and provinces.  Lighthouse Logistics can manage freight on all of your grain, not just the commodities Lighthouse directly markets.


Here’s why you should consider us for your next move:


  • Don’t lose time, money or both hauling yourself:

    • Direct costs – depreciation, repairs, and labor – are often higher than commercial freight rates.  

    • And opportunity costs can be even higher.  You can’t add value to other areas of your farm while sitting in line waiting to dump.  


  • Having Lighthouse manage logistics is incredibly simple:

    • Reach us any time by phone, email, text or social media for instant, competitive rate quotes.

    • And let us handle the entire process from there:

      • Arranging all details with carriers and destinations, including any scheduling changes during the move.  

      • Verifying loads/rates and paying carriers promptly while allowing you to pay one invoice at the end of shipment.   

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