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Foster County Independent: Lighthouse Comm. celebrated 5th anniversary

Announces 'Lighthouse Beacon Fund' Initiative

Grain marketing firm Lighthouse Commodities is excited to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Light­house began on October 23, 2015, with the belief that farmers should have access to the same tools, insights and markets the rest of the supply chain enjoys.

Starting out in a spare bedroom, the company has since grown to now market over 530,000 acres annu­ally of farmer client grain. During its first five years, Lighthouse shipped more than 70 million bushels of grain to hundreds of destinations across North Dakota, a dozen other states and four Canadian provinces.

Lighthouse President Dave Spickler commented on the exciting milestone,

"It's humbling to be cel­ebrating with impressive company - team mem­bers, farmer clients, logis­tics providers, technology partners and grain desti­nations that have made it possible.

"We're in our sixth year with the same focus and urgency that has led to five years of innovation and growth and we're ea­ger to start working on the initiatives that will power our next five years."

Lighthouse is excited to announce one of those ini­tiatives, the "Lighthouse Beacon Fund." LC farmer clients are dedicated to supporting and strength­ening the communities they live and work in and Lighthouse wants to join their efforts going for­ward.

With the establish­ment of the Beacon Fund, Lighthouse will provide matching donations for farmer clients as they give to causes, organizations, events and activities that are important to their communities and way of life.

The Lighthouse Bea­con Fund will set aside a fixed amount annually that each farmer client can request as a matching donation to a local cause or organization of their choosing.

About Lighthouse Commodities

Lighthouse Commodi­ties was founded a little over five years ago by Dave Spickler. who grew up on a cattle ranch just outside of Grace City. To celebrate their five-year anniversary, LC launched the Lighthouse Beacon Fund in October. One of the first Beacon Fund matching recipients was Grace City's Schoolhouse Cafe, with the match pro• vided by Kevin and Shane Black.

Kevin and Shane are successful local farmers, longtime clients of Light­house and lifelong neigh­bors of Dave Spickler's family.

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