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Improve Your Marketing Decisions With HedgeBeacon

Each grain sale starts with a decision and marketing decisions are tough. Tough because producing a crop often means not having enough time to closely follow and analyze numerous information sources before making that marketing decision.

That's why we created HedgeBeacon. Our HedgeBeacon formula takes into account dozens of commodity price variables and uses them to create a daily output. The resulting daily chart indicates whether to Sell, Hold or Buy a commodity, allowing you to quickly and confidently make marketing decisions.

What goes into our HedgeBeacon algorithms?

Fundamental News

The latest news on supplies, acres, yields, stocks, crop progress, weather, price projections, and other impactful fundamentals.


The combined implications of several technical indicators that measure momentum and overbought/oversold conditions.

Commitment of Traders

The collective behavior of large speculators and money managers.


The expected price performance given the time of year and similarity to certain previous years.

HedgeBeacon has supported the marketing of more than $1 billion of grain.

One Chart. One Decision.


Users have instant access to HedgeBeacon charts and data.


Each chart shows Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations and daily closing price for each commodity.


The buy or sell thresholds indicate when to buy or sell.

Vegetable Garden

Neil Schmidt | Benedict, ND

"I can spend 5 minutes looking at Price Signals to see if we are trending into an area to be making a sale or be patient and wait for better opportunities. This helps me be mentally prepared to make a sale and feel good about it. Price Signals reduce the need for me to spend a lot of time researching and gathering information on various commodities and cattle I market."

Field of Wheat

Patrick Bresnahan | Casselton, ND

"When I first started following the signals, I was leery and put limited stock in the recommendations. Over time it became clear that the algorithms and the signals they drive had great value and incredible insight. When used alongside fundamental market analysis, they offer a tremendous decision-making tool."

Farm Equipment Parts Repair

Todd Hunskor | Newburg, ND

Price Signals take all the emotion and a lot of time out of my marketing decisions. One simple chart allows me to instantly decide if it’s a time to be selling, re-owning or doing nothing. With Price Signals, I spend my time running my farm, not chasing down the latest market news."

Remarkable Accuracy

HedgeBeacon algorithms were fine-tuned using historical data that spans over fifteen years. But the real test is live performance.

Since going live, HedgeBeacon has correctly signaled every major market move, including the start of the 2020 rally, May 2021 highs, fall 2021 lows, April 2022 highs, July 2022 lows, June 2023 highs and Feb 2024 lows. That’s accuracy you can rely on.


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