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Change the way you market grain. No more time wasted tracking down and analyzing the latest grain markets news. 
Instantly determine whether to buy, sell or hold.

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Our HedgeBeacon formulas take into account dozens of commodity price variables and use them to create daily signals allowing you to quickly and confidently make marketing decisions.


Equipping your farm with the same merchandising tools and resources the rest of the grain industry utilize.  We professionally merchandise over 750,000 acres of production annually.


Enroll bushels in a Beacon Pricing program to take advantage of HedgeBeacon algos and professionally price your grain.

Lighthouse Logistics

Shipping grain off your farm so you don't have to.  We've shipped 65 million bushels to date, accessing hundreds of destinations along the way and handling all aspects of shipment.

Vegetable Garden

Neil Schmidt | Benedict, ND

"I can spend 5 minutes looking at Price Signals to see if we are trending into an area to be making a sale or be patient and wait for better opportunities. This helps me be mentally prepared to make a sale and feel good about it. Price Signals reduce the need for me to spend a lot of time researching and gathering information on various commodities and cattle I market."

Field of Wheat

Patrick Bresnahan | Casselton, ND

"When I first started following the signals, I was leery and put limited stock in the recommendations. Over time it became clear that the algorithms and the signals they drive had great value and incredible insight. When used alongside fundamental market analysis, they offer a tremendous decision-making tool."

Farm Equipment Parts Repair

Todd Hunskor | Newburg, ND

Price Signals take all the emotion and a lot of time out of my marketing decisions. One simple chart allows me to instantly decide if it’s a time to be selling, re-owning or doing nothing. With Price Signals, I spend my time running my farm, not chasing down the latest market news."

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